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"Joseph D'Lacey rocks!"

Stephen King

Seeking light in darkness...


I’m the author of the cult hit, MEAT, and the apocalyptic eco-fantasy series, the Black Dawn – full bibliography on the books page.


Much of my fiction is driven by a love of Earth’s natural realms and reflections on where and how humans (ought to) fit in this extraordinary world.


Often dark and fantastical, my stories may cause you to question something you’ve always accepted. They might transport you to an undreamed-of place. Or, they could scare you to your very marrow.


My mission? To write books so mind-blowing, you have to tell your friends about them.


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The treasure hidden in fiction...


Authors play a role that spans the archetypes of alchemist, court jester and shaman.


They take the things we cannot perceive about ourselves and make mirrors so that we can see our own ugliness and beauty.


It's paradoxical: though authors set out with fabrication as their goal, they can end up revealing something pure and unadulterated.

This is why novels and stories can sometimes impart great truths with a subtlety and depth that non-fiction rarely achieves.

Phasmid logo 4.jpg